Is Online Marketing Confusing You?

oms.gifIf online marketing is confusing, you’re not alone. Every time I think I’m an expert in online marketing – I always learn something new. Advertising on the radio, in print or TV is hard enough – online advertising, in some ways is just as, or even more challenging. You create your Facebook page, Twitter account and LinkedIn profile. Now how do you market through these channels. How do you get your blog content syndicated through these online channels? What about cost per click vs search engine marketing? Should you create a widget or maybe your own social networking site using Ning or Kickapps?
I know it’s a lot to learn.
Whether you’re a novice or an expert attending the Online Marketing Summit could be well worth your time. There’s going to be a lot of useful content from experts – you might just learn something.

omsbanner.jpgOMS Summer Tour is back. With more great content and strong momentum from this year’s Annual Summit, interest in attendance is higher than ever. Below is a quick summary of the event and details that may be of interest.
Education: The objective of OMS is to educate, collaborate, network, and learn how to execute on the best known practices in Online Marketing. Events include hands-on workshops, on-site usability and SEO labs, thought-leadership presentations, and peer-to-peer collaboration on the subjects of:
* Social Media Strategies
* Search Engine Optimization
* Paid Search
* Website Usability
* Web Analytics and Tracking
* Email Marketing
* Content Management
* Site Search
* Website/Online Budgeting and Planning
* eCommerce
* Integrated Marketing
* Behavioral Targeting & Testing
WHO: From the online novice to the eMarketing expert, there are sessions that all corporate, brand and Internet marketers will benefit from. Titles that are most commonly seen at OMS are:
* Marketing Managers
* Marketing Communications Managers
* Directors of Marketing
* eMarketing Managers
* Interactive Marketing Directors
* Vice Presidents of Marketing
* Chief Marketing Officers
* Internet Marketing Specialists
WHY: Education is the Key to Success
* How to take-aways from those that have actually done it
* Peer-to-Peer emphasis so you and those in the same boat can share stories from the trenches and build lasting relations
* Unprecedented access and 1-on-1 time with industry thought leaders
* Minimal Cost, $195 (ask about Early Bird and Partner Discounts)
* No Vendors, no solicitations, just education
* What else are you going to do this Summer?!
HOW: Online Marketing Best Practices shared through:
* Hands-on Workshops
* Best Practice Peer-to-Peer Roundtables
* On-site Usability, SEO Labs to diagnose your Online ailments
* Thought-leadership Lectures and Panels
* “In the Trenches” Case Studies from Corporate Marketers like you
* Networking Galore with Fellow Marketers