Is Your Web Site A Reflection Of Your Company

Web sites are quite easy to build, even though studies show that half or more of smaller businesses still do not have them. For those of us who DO have web site, is our web site a reflection of our business?
When prospective customers or partners visit our web site do they know (within seconds) what we do (or sell) and who the ideal market is?
Business Week had a look at three web sites and reviewed them. Reading through the reviews will give you an idea of how well you own site is designed.
From Business Week – Revat, which describes itself on its site as “the leading self-defense program for adults living in an urban environment,” appears to be off to a good start, but it’s missing the drama. The fear of being accosted is powerful, yet the Web site doesn’t capitalize on that. Imagine how compelling a mini-movie dramatizing Revat training would be to its prospective customers.
But first, the company needs to decide who exactly those prospects are. My first impression was Revat was created to serve all city dwellers, offering them an innovative approach to self-defense without having to go through years of martial arts training. Yet the company also seems to pride itself on being a finishing school of sorts for elite-level martial arts professionals.

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