“Lead Generation” Dilemma: Locking or Un-Locking PDFs

So you are looking to get some leads for your sales team and you decide to create a great PDF, chock full of information for prospective customers to download. Before anyone can download the document you want them to fill out a form which will collect their contact and demographic information.
Buzz Marketing for Technology writes that this behavior is known to have a 1 in 10 (10%) download rate which isn’t bad by marketing standards but on the flip side that means there is a 90% leakage rate!
While this lead generation method is widely used, you might get more leads with a new way of publishing PDFs which enables you to capture customer information but still lets customers download the PDF.
Docmetrics, has a web based tool which helps you measure how readers interact with your documents, provides real time reports, segments your leads and more.
I would guess that there are other PDF publishing solutions. I know Adobe using Adobe Acrobat has similar solutions, for example.