Lessons In Email Newsletter Frequency: How Much Is Too Much

pile-of-paper.jpgA successful email newsletter is not very difficult to publish. You need to know what your audience wants (rich information in how to better use your products; examples of what other customers are doing) and ensure that you consistently deliver this to them with each newsletter. The newsletter also needs to look visually appealing as well.
You might have so much information that you’re tempted to send all of the information to all customers. What results is information over load.
BtoB Marketing writes about Vista Print, that itscustomers were receiving one to five e-mail messages per week from the company, depending on their segment. Some customers received e-mail messages about new product offerings, such as VistaPrint’s new window decals or T-shirts, while others got multiproduct campaign messages. Some customers got both types of e-mails.
Although opt-outs weren’t a problem, McClain said, it was something the marketing group wanted to address. “It’s something we always have to be thinking about,” he said.

Although Vista Print is much larger than your business, the lessons learned are important. Your newsletter, other than your web site, is one of the most important marketing vehicles you have for retaining customers. Although you should expect your audience to “un-subscribe” from your newsletter from time to time, being sensitive to their time and needs, can decrease this number.
If you have a lot of email newsletters or send one very frequently, consider giving your customers the option to “opt-down”, instead of only “opt-out” of their email newsletter subscription.
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