NetBooks: Will These Small, Low Cost PCs Be On Your Next Shopping List?

We’ve read about the emergency of “NetBooks” – notebook computers that are smaller, cheaper and less powerful than existing notebook computers. These small computers aren’t going to be good enough for you to play video games or even effectively run Microsoft Office. However, for the person on the run, who wants a fuller size keyboard and monitor and finds a smartphone too small not fully functional enough – these NetBooks could offer an alternative solution.
At less than $500 for many, the prices is more than reasonable.
I just finished having a look at the full powered, but quite small OQO, which serves the need of a different type of user. The one who might want a FULL powered computer when they are stationary and can connect to a full size monitor, keyboard and other accessories and peripherals.
The NYT writes In a tale of sales success breeding resentment, computer companies are wary of the new breed of computers because their low price could threaten PC makers’ already thin profit margins.
The new computers, often called netbooks, have scant onboard memory. They use energy-sipping computer chips. They are intended largely for surfing Web sites and checking e-mail. The price is small too, with some selling for as little as $300.
The companies that pioneered the category were small too, like Asus and Everex, both of Taiwan.