OQO Model 02: Moblity Like You’ve Never Experienced

oqokeyboard.jpgIf you haven’t used the OQO Model 02 Ultra Portable Computer and you are a mobile road warrior always looking for the most efficient way to be mobile while out of the office, OQO’s Model 02 is one device you should consider for your next trip.
It easily fits easily into your hand and if you’re used to typing on the “peckable” keyboard of a smartphone you’ll get used to the OQO’s keyboard.
The OQO shrinks a full powered computer to the size of a small book. Hopefully my guidance below will help you decide how this mobile wonder could fit into your life.

The OQO is a cross between a notebook computer and smartphone. If you are looking for a tool to primarily make telephone calls, read email, look at a calendar and review tasks throughout the day – stick with a smartphone.
If you are tired of carrying around a computer from appointment to appoint and lugging a computer case in the airport or in a taxi – the OQO is something you really should consider – in fact it’s the ideal compliment to a smartphone.
When I’m traveling locally, I don’t need access to a computer – I do need my Palm Treo wx smartphone for phone calls and my daily schedule. But when I’m in my home office I need a full powered computer. When I’m going to another state I need a full size computer to keep working – in the hotel, at the conference site, in the airplane, etc.
By itself the OQO works well out of the box, the screen is small so you would not want to type a 500 page essay on it, but it’s good for quick computer work – it is a full fledged computer system.
However the beauty of the OQO shines with the docking station and accessories. When you’re at a desk you can connect a full size monitor, keyboard and CD player to the OQO and use it just like you would a desktop or notebook computer. When you need to travel – just unplug things and move on. Most offices can lend you a spare keyboard and monitor for extended computer use.
With the OQO all your data can reside in one place (you still need to back it up) but you never have to be concerned with files are on your notebook computer or desktop computer. The OQO could be the only computer you need for the office or for the road.
The only thing I didn’t like about the OQO was that it was a bit warm to hold after some time. This is not a huge problem but if you are holding it in your hand for hours you might need to take some forced breaks to let it cool down.
With built in wireless broadband from Sprint and WiFi connectivity you can be online in the office or out of the office. The OQO connected to my wireless network with no problem. And hey – why should there be a problem. It’s a small computer – but running Windows – just like I use every day.
If you’re an executive always on the run and need full computing power the OQO is a mobile companion you should consider. Starting at $1,300 it’s pricing is quite competitive.

One thought on “OQO Model 02: Moblity Like You’ve Never Experienced

  1. disappointed owner

    I’ve owned the 02 for two years and sadly disappointed over the declining reliability compared to worsening warranty service.
    Mine has the ViA CPU but the 02+ Atom from Intel seems to be the same inside a $300 Netbook.
    The LCD is gorgeous until it malfunctions, the screen is tiny but crisp and readable.
    The tight size results in unavoidable heat and the OQO can adequately vent itself but the fan becomes so loud it becomes conspicuously distracting. In field and sales presentations, the overbearing fan is raising more jokes and becoming a topic of audience discussion since more options are available to deliver an annoying Powerpoint.
    The WWAN card is useless, the bandwidth doesn’t perform as quickly as the advertised EVDO Rev.A and a Bluetooth enabled cell phone provides faster throughput over a bluetooth or USB link than the overpriced CDMA card.
    (NOTE: Sprint still demands a two year commitment to use the embedded card BUT OQO CHARGES YOU FULL PRICE for the CDMA option and you get double screwed into a card for off the shelf prices and a two year commitment others take when they get their USB modems for free)
    The damage protection costs another $350 and OqO seems reluctant to honor it. The OQO tech support is inconsistent, the group is small in size and it becomes easy to get to know the different techs, and you’ll determine which ones are moodier but more often even the historically nice techs seem annoyed and impatient even when we try to work with them on a comparably technically level.
    Vista on this thing is a joke !!! XP has enough difficulties but Vista is a defect boat anchor as far as bootup, since Vista is discouraged on Atom CPU’s, why would anyone believe Vista runs adequately on an overheated Atom cooled with a hyperactive overworked OqO cooling fan ?

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