Power Point Presentations: Let It Be An Experience (Learning From Al Gore)

I’ve sat through dozens and dozens of presentations (probably lots more) and many of them are traditional boring, bullet point presentations. There’s more to a presentation than just typing text into Power Point (or some other presentation package) and reading from the slide deck.
The design firm that helped create Al Gore’s famous “An Inconvenient Truth” slide show shared a few do’s and don’t’s to make a great presentation with InternetNews.com
And passion can be a key to any presentation. “You need to be comfortable on stage, passionate and vulnerable,” said Duarte.
Michael Moon, Duarte’s creative director of content, said a great presentation is all about telling a great story. “Clients get nervous when we say ‘tell a story’ because they think we’re talking about fiction, but story-telling dates back to the early cave paintings.”

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Remember, technology is a tool (Power Point) but it’s how you use that tool that really matters!