Reaching Your Customers Via Text Message: The Time Is Now

sms.jpg39% of small businesses are using text. This is definitely a growth from previous years. What does this mean for your own business? This means it’s time to at least seriously consider reaching more customers via text message and not just email, blogs, web sites or traditional mail.
There are dozens (if not more) of services you can use to deliver text messages to your customers. It’s time you, your consultant or you in-house geek read up on text messaging and marketing.
Warrillow writes that some distinct advantages of texting include + Speed to customer: Marketing through text messaging carries a nearly instantaneous delivery time vs. the delays in email or direct mail channels.
+ High open rates: While open rates are much harder to track on an individual campaign basis, telecom industry studies suggest read rates in excess of 90% for text messages vs. 20% to 40% for a typical email campaign.
+ Ease of deployment: If you have your customers’ mobile numbers, you’re ready to start. There are a host of text providers (for example Clickatell or MOVO) ready to assist you with off-the-shelf solutions.

Read Warrillow’s latest newsletter, with this information, here.

One thought on “Reaching Your Customers Via Text Message: The Time Is Now

  1. swiskellrugegroup

    Sending text messages from computers has been a fast and effective way for our business to communicate with our customers. I’ve recently left Clickatell because of their constant outages but have been very happy so far with my new company

    FYI to your readers, you can also send text messages from Outlook using Bulletin.

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