Are Your Files and Emails Secure Enough?

When you send files via the Internet or just a plain email you might not give much thought to it. However, depending on what you are sending and who might have reason to target you, it might be useful for you to give some serious thought to encrypting your files and communications in general.
Of course ensuring your network and computers are secure against attack by hackers or malicious employees is one place to start. But even if your entire network is secure – sending a list of employee data to your accountant leaves the information is exposed as it travels through the internet.
A low cost and simple way to ensure your files and email are secure is via encryption. Individual file compression and encryption technology has been around for quite some time, and one of the leaders has been PKWare’s PKZip.
The release of PKWare’s SecureZip 12.1 fully integrates with Microsoft Office and email applications, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, making Microsoft Office a secure application. Users can “Save As SecureZIP File” right from within the Office application.
SecureZip 12.1 software protects the data itself rather than the IT infrastructure or email program, so your file is not at risk of being viewed by unauthorized access or opened by an unwanted email recipient.

SecureZIP v12.1 automatically installs an X.509 digital certificate and provides global directory services so files can be securely exchanged with others without requiring passwords. When a user sends an email and attachment, SecureZIP retrieves the public key of the recipient from the SecureZIP Global Directory and encrypts the information using that key. The recipient can then open the encrypted file using their private key. This functionality is the result of a technology partnership between PKWARE and Comodo Group, one of the security industry’s leading certificate authorities. Digital certificates also authenticate the file’s sender to assure recipients that the communication received can be trusted and has not been altered or tampered with in any way.
SecureZIP is offered at no cost to non-commercial users, in keeping with the company’s “20 year tradition of offering free licenses to consumers”. To download a free version of SecureZIP for non-commercial use, visit Commercial licenses are available starting at $39.95, as well as enterprise versions that allow companies to access and recover files that have been encrypted by employees.
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,