Sending Text Messages Won’t Be Dull Again

211me.jpgBeing able to text customers who opt in to receive messages from you can be a very powerful form of communication. Although computers are an important part of the lives of many people, cell phones are not only a very popular tool, but for some are their main form of communication.
I’ve posted quite a bit about email newsletters and these are important, VERY important forms of communication but you also might want to consider reaching a subset of your customers via cell phone. The mode of communication you use to reach them, really depends on who the customer is and how they wish to be communicated. If you are sending a text message be respectful of the person’s time, don’t send a message too much (or they’ll just not want to receive your message any more) and when you do send a message have something worth while to text.
One company, 211(me) let’s you send image rich text messages – instead of boring text messages.
From what I’ve read on their site, the recipient receives a text message and then clicks on a link to access the message via their web browser. It’s not quite sending a “full color SMS message”, but it does the trick.
Maybe you have an upcoming promotion, instead of sending a flyer or email message to 300 of your most mobile customers, send them a 211(me) message.
Other companies that can help you leverage text messages are Joopz, 4info and Twitter are cool, useful and economical (like free) services that help you communicate via text message to cell phones.