Should Your Face Be On Your Web Site?

jeff-wuorio.jpgThis tip and 8 others are on my friend Jeff Wuorio’s latest insight, which he shares at Connectit. For those of you who are “larger” small businesses, you probably are not going to put your face on your web site in any case. What might be very nice, however, is a rolling However, for the solo or very small sized businesses in our midst you might have considered this.
Jeff writes Many Web experts say that, although your picture may seem an element of welcome, it can detract from why the visitor should be there in the first place.
“It’s like meeting someone new and — instead of asking them how they are — saying ‘I’m doing great!'” says Larina Kase, president of Performance and Success Coaching, a Philadelphia consulting concern. “Your Web site should be all about the viewer, not about you. You need to first get them interested.”

Now you might ask…why does Ramon have his photo on It’s an avatar that speaks. For now I’ll leave it and see how things go.