Using Technology To Save Gas (and when gas prices go down tips are still relevant!)

I got an email that Microsoft was running a contest (it ended 5 July) for small businesses to win 5,000 gallons of gas. That’s what When I got an email about $20,000 – depending on if your gas id $3.79, $4.79 or etc. However, the contest is over – sorry.
In any case, I think the contest site is worth 5 seconds to check out –
The tips it gives, such as using Microsoft Outlook to track makreting efforts, using Microsoft publisher to do in house printing and using Small Business Server to have a virtual office are quite focused on generating awareness for Microsoft products. However, the tips, nevertheless are useful.
Whether you decide to use Microsoft Outlook, Gmail or some other platform for email; or save a trip to the printers by designing with an Adobe product or Microsoft product or have a virtual office with Gottomeeting – is up to you.
But the important thing is that by doing small things, over an extended period of time you can save a bit of money and contribute to environmental conservation.
And remember, your local Microsoft Small Business specialist is probably your most powerful weapon in using technology as a powerful tool to grow your business. Of course other independent local consultants or those affiliated with franchises such as CMIT Solutions.
Business Week writes In a June survey, Nielsen found that 11% of US consumers are shopping more online as the result of gas prices. The poll mirrors reports of declining foot traffic at retail stores. “For the first time, I am seeing consumer surveys in which saving money on gas prices is actually a reason given for moving shopping from stores to the Internet,” says Grau.