When Technology Embarrasses Us! :)

Technology is a useful tool – but sometimes it can be downright embarrassing – or shall I say – how we use it can be downright embarrassing. Remember the time when you could not get your phone off speaker phone and some was yelling at you, over the phone, on the train? Remember when an email you mean to send to Jill Johnson, really went to Will Johnson?
The Wall Street Journal writes how these kind of these can happen during virtual meetings, if we’re not careful.
Only a few keystrokes separate one’s private life from the virtual world. The wrong computer settings, an awkward Web-camera angle and even something as harmless as the “hold” button on the telephone can create lasting career memories. And unlike face-to-face blunders, virtual gaffes can be captured for posterity on Web sites and ridiculed by viewers time and time again.
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