Windows Vista: Should You Give It Another Look? Microsoft Offers An Incentive.

vistaupgrade.jpgMicrosoft has kick started an advertising campaign focused on getting businesses, especially smaller businesses to buy Windows Vista. Sales of Vista have not been as strong as some would have expected – as many have stayed with XP – as I have done. However, those who do upgrade are ofen upgraded “organically” when they buy a new computer. On the other hand, I know a number of people who have opted to have XP installed with their new computers. I have Vista on 2 Dell computers but have XP on my day to day notebook.
I think there’s two main things that have given people some pause in using or not using Vista.

  • Some of the programs they have right now simply don’t work well or at all in Vista. I’ve experienced this problem first hand.
  • Secondly the benefits of Vista vs XP are not compelling enough to rush and upgrade.

In order to encourage more adoption of Vista Microsoft has launched the Vista Small Business Assurance program, which provides businesses with free technical support and coaching from an expert.