Online Marketing: Are Your Campaigns Under Control?

With so many tools available today for small and medium sized businesses to market online, it’s not too difficult to create an effective email newsletter or campaign, track website statistics and keywords, manage a pay-per-click campaign, and even manage website content without the IT department. The list of providers is huge… from Constant Contact to Google Adwords and Analytics.
The challenge for companies with small and/or stretched marketing teams becomes managing all of these pieces of the online marketing pie effectively, and compiling the data from each to show the big picture campaign results.
Enter the latest version of Lyris HQ Marketing Suite. It integrates email, pay-per-click advertising, web content management, and analytics into one desktop-style interface. The interface includes a message board for team members to share comments and notes, a calendar for tracking campaigns, events, and other important dates, and a reporting dashboard that acts as a hub for all metrics, allowing the entire team real-time access to results. Having all the information in one place makes measuring success much easier.
With licenses starting at $299 per month, Lyris HQ is a realistic option for smaller companies that don’t have the need or budget for one of the larger enterprise solutions like Omniture.
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,