Can An Office Phone Replace A Computer Screen & Keyboard?

telephone-display.jpgMost of use are used to using computers for access to business services.
If we need to make an appointment, call customers, check in, check out, etc we use the computer for it. However, with the advancement of IP telephone solutions, seamlessly connected to corporate databases via your corporate networks, the telephone on a desk becomes just another way to get information to or from your servers.
For example, your payroll system needs to know when an employee checks in and when an employee check outs. You could use a traditional time card system or have the employee use a mouse and keyboard to access a computer system. An alternative solution you could integrate your employee time clock system to the telephone system display screen of employees.
Another example of the efficiency a telephony system offers is assisting health care offices with reminding patients about upcoming appointments. Today, an employee has to set aside time to call each patient individually. With this technology, an employee can simply touch one icon on the phone’s display screen and the system automatically dials each patient and provides an automated appointment reminder, freeing up the employee to work on other important tasks.

Making a decision about using telephone or computer is one that should really be left to the end users. Although all your employees should be quite proficient in using a computer system, sometimes its easier or better to use a telephone interface. Maybe you don’t have space for a computer system. Or maybe you want accommodate the needs of someone who finds it difficult to use a computer but can use the display on a telephone. I’m sure there’s other reasons why it might be better to use a telephone than a computer system.
Keep in mind, the telephone and computer system can both be connected to the same back end end database, which enables your employees to use a computer or a telephone – instead of one or the other.
Maybe when guests come to your office reception area you want them to sign in or do some other action. Instead of setting up a computer in the reception area, you could put a telephone near the reception desk and let guests input information via the telephone display screen.
Check out this PDF for more options in using a telephone display in your business. It comes from Ipcelerate.
Microsoft Response Point, TalkSwitch, Avaya, M5, Fonality and dozens of other vendors make varying degrees of telephony solutions.