Driving Hands-free, Hassle-free

Whether or not you believe that using a cellphone wireless headset will give you a brain tumor, there are times when you just might not want to wear one. You may need to hear background noise really well, or if you’re like me, sometimes you just don’t feel like having something hanging from your ear. They never seem to fit me well (maybe since my big ears stick out) but when I use the built-in speaker I feel like I have to hold the phone to be heard. This defeats the purpose when you’re in one of the many states with bans on driving with handheld cell phones, including here in NY, NJ and CT.
So I think this new GrooveTooth Talk hands-free speaker phone from Cygnett looks pretty neat. It works with iPhone, iPhone 3G, Blackberry & other Bluetooth enabled phones and you can clip it right onto your visor or air vent.
GrooveTooth Talk has an MSRP of $79.95 and will be available starting in September on www.cygnett.com
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor, Smallbiztechnology.com