Email Archiving: Your Excuse Is Not Valid

filecabinet.jpgA new survey, commissioned by GFI Software, shows that over half of small companies in the United States do not currently have an email archiving system implemented in their organization, while one in four that do rely on end-users to manage email archiving on their own.
According to the survey, the reasons given for not using email archiving are to be expected – no budget (26%) or the
company is too small to need an email archiving solution (26%) – but it is of concern that 23% rely heavily on their email server to keep a store of all email correspondence especially if these businesses are dependent on email to conduct everyday business. It is also of concern that 7% see no need to archive their email at all. In reply to a separate question, 7% said email archiving was not important.
You can read the full survey results here.
If you think your business is too small to have to invest money to archive email. Check with your lawyer, one experienced in these issues, before you make that final determination. If you are in a “regulated” industry email archiving is mot likely something you have to do.
Even if you are not required by law to archive your email, you should still archive email for your own sake.
What if you need to investigate something in your business? Having email archives at your disposal will be invaluable.
GFI has four US Government legislative reasons for archiving email here.

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    In addition to helping maintain regulatory compliance, email archiving can increase productivity for your business. When your emails are organized, you save time with easy access to the information you need. Miles Technologies offers business email systems to provide effective solutions for archiving and more.

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