FaceBook: It’s Time Your Business Joined. But More Than You Think.

facebook.jpgThe world of online marketing, is amazing, powerful, confusing, easy and extensive. With all these wonderful and at times frustrating things in the world of online marketing it’s definitely time that YOUR business joined Facebook.
1. It has its own community of users – including 99% of your friends and colleagues
2. It’s relatively easy to use and the tools it has are pretty extensive.
3. Blogs, email newsletters and web sites are great. Facebook has all of this built in.
4. For video, photos, events, calendars, updates – Facebook makes it darn easy.
You might be screaming at me, I have a FaceBook profile already. That’s good and you can connect with all your friends. However, what you need is a FaceBook group or even better for businesses, a page. The differences are subtle and best explained at this web site.
Smallbiztechnology.com placed its first advertisement on Facebook a few minutes ago – we’ll keep you posted on what the results are. Sometimes it takes years for technologies to mature. Facebook’s matured quite fast with a large audience and nice tools as well.

Check out our new Facebook page here.