Grow and Manage Globally – An Intranet Alternative

Technology can help small businesses grow, control costs, and operate more efficiently. Sometimes one particular solution can help achieve all of the above, like using a hosted collaboration solution as a company intranet.
Brian De Clare, President of Global Energy Horizons, has been using WebOffice for the past four years. The company has 15 employees across offices in Victoria, British Columbia, San Diego, Chicago and London, and is expanding despite the challenging economic climate – due in part to its ability to keep IT and infrastructure costs down.
We recently talked with Brian about his choice of WebOffice as an alternative to a traditional company intranet.

Why did you choose WebOffice?
It was a unique and simple solution to our needs. Those needs were primarily to allow seamless communication between the various locations of our people and the complexity of significant travel requirements.

What, if any other collaboration tools are you using now or have considered?

None – nothing else managed to capture all our needs as efficiently.
What’s the biggest benefit/most important feature(s)?
1. Access to a wide range of files from anywhere in the world by members we choose in a secure environment.
2. WebOffice is truly an “Office on the web” with its functionality, flexibility, reliability and speed.
Does WebOffice increase the amount of internal collaboration or make project management easier than a traditional company intranet? How?
Absolutely. Projects and particularly documents within a project, can be created by a number of individuals, shared with ease and tracked throughout the life of the project. Changes can be made in an orderly manner and monitored by all in a way that simple email communications cannot replicate.
Are there any security concerns with using a third party hosted vs. an internal network?
Absolutely none whatsoever. We have worked with some of the largest banks and energy companies in the world and many are amazed that such a small company as ours can show them such innovation.

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