How Many Networks Is Enough?, who I write for, has launched its own social network, you can join here.
I joined a few minutes ago and one thing that’s nice is that new members are profiled on the web site immediately. That’s nice. To make these networks work for you, you have to work to make it work.
Assuming there’s a enough members to create some momentum, you need to regularly post, ask questions, give answers. You need to be a part of the community.
Intuit’s JumpUP, Constant Contact’s User Community, Dell’s 360 and so many others (Fast Company, Microsoft, ACT!) are some to consider.
There’s the mega social networks from LinkedIn, Plaxo, FaceBook, Hi5, MeetUp and others. But then there are the networks from publishers and vendors. All are good, but can waste your time if you don’t pick and choose which ones work best for you.
If you want to find businesses, help businesses or market your own – these networks are great options to have an employee manage and cultivate online relationships.
What are your favorite social networks?