Instant On Notebook Computing From Dell

Imagine not having to wait for your notebook to “boot up”. Instead of waiting for Windows to boot up, Dell has previewed notebooks which enable you to access email, calendar and other functions without booting up your notebook as usual.
Ziff Davis writes Instant on technologies have a number of potential upsides for the end user. Speed of boot-up (near instant) and increased battery life are two obvious benefits, but there are others. Having your browsing and email isolated from the main bulk of your data is highly desirable (as is browsing within a secure environment that’s resistant to malware such as keyloggers), as is having access to an environment that’s resistant to being crippled by a dodgy driver or misbehaving software could be very useful at times.
This is not technology you have to agonize over – but you should know about as it can give you a much better computing experience.

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