Lessons In Technology from A $200 Briggs & Riley Bag

briggs-rileybag.jpgEarlier today I bought a $200 Briggs & Riley. For the past year I’ve been lugging around a $50 Targus bag. It was bulky and ugly, but fit all of my gear – notebook, reading material, electronic gadgets. However, it looked terrible with my suits and was simply too big.
It took my several days of browsing online for just the right bag and 3 trips into two different stores to find the right bag. In fact I went to a store twice, looking, feeling and holding the same bag – before I finally bought it.
Paying $200 for a bag was not easy for me to do. Many of you have the nice looking Tumi bags, I thought of buying one but $400+ dollars was just too much for me to stomach paying for a bag.
I’m glad I invested in this bag. Here’s a link to it. The instant I slid the bag on my back I realized that it was a different bag. While the Targus sagged and felt like it dragged me down, the Briggs and Riley bag felt more secure and quite comfortable.
The versatility of the bag is simply incredible. It can be a backpack, double handle hand bag or shoulder strap bag.
Maybe you know where I’m going here in relation to technology…

At times you might bulk at paying $3,000 for a new computer server. Maybe paying $5,000 for a web site refreshment sounds like a lot. Sure thousands of dollars of anything is a lot of money. However, when you think that paying $5,000 for a web site refreshment could give you $50,000 or more of a return on your investment – $5,000 doesn’t seem like so much.
So often you think of just the dollar for dollar value of a technology investment. However, think of your technology investments in what return and how long it will take to get that return from your technology investment.
Maybe right now your company has a great contact management tool and you are trying to decide if you should invest in a $20,000 CRM system. Discuss with your technology adviser9s) and non-technical sales and marketing experts. They can help you understand if implementing a CRM solution will be a worthwhile R-O-I.
On the other hand, you don’t want to invest in technology only to have it not being used and used improperly. As you invest in technology it’s important to thoroughly think through the entire buying, implementation, training and day-to-day use of your new product or service.