Looking for Help? Explore Elance And Get More Than Just Help

About a month ago Smallbiztechnolgoy.com was looking for someone to do some coding. In fact we were looking for a programmer to build a “white label” version of smallbiztechnology.com. This would enable other publishers to not have smallbiztechnology.com content displayed on their own web site – the headline and full article.
I went to eLance and not only found a programmer but eLance also provided a platform with which to manage the relationship.
First of all, I put a bid to eLance’s thousands of free lance members. You can put keywords in your bid and select which types of free lancers you want your project to be sent to – if not all.
eLance organizes the bids for you into your own “My eLance” portal. You can interact with the freelancers via email or via eLance’s web based communication tool Either way all communications are stored online for easy reference.
Once you agree to the dollar amount of the total project and milestones (all facilitated by eLance) your newly hired free lancer can begin work. As they reach each milestone you provide funds to your eLance account from which to pay the freelancer.

elance customers have completed more than $100 million in billings since 2006 and its professional network has grown to more than 100,000 service providers
While Craig’s List, for example, is also a resource for finding free lance help, eLance does that and more.
The Elance Remote Work System provides employers and service providers working together a standardized process to set up and manage remote engagements, track milestones, deliverables and hours worked, share documents and ideas, all the while automating administrative tasks like invoicing, payments and 1099 tax forms. By bringing more transparency and structure to the work process, the Elance Work System enables higher quality results. Key elements of the Elance Work System include:
Workrooms: Workrooms enable real-time interviewing, proposal evaluation, hiring and collaboration. As central repositories for each job, the workrooms help businesses to manage one or many remote work engagements.
Status Reporting: Status reporting helps providers systematically manage customer expectations and customer satisfaction by tracking and documenting progress as work is performed, and by communicating job status on a weekly basis.
One-click Invoicing: Service providers can convert status reports into invoices and supporting documentation with one click. In conjunction with Elance’s Escrow and 1099 tax services, businesses can bill and pay for work performed with complete confidence.
Skills Certification: Service providers on Elance must review video tutorials and other material prior to taking the admissions test. Once admitted, they choose from over 200 skills tests to certify their skills and differentiate themselves. Credentials can also be verified.

If you’re looking for help, eLance is a great place to start – that’s from first hand experience