Mark Up Your Office 2007 Documents… On-Screen

Thumbnail image for wordmarkup.gifHave you ever wished you could just write something on your computer screen without having to deal with a mouse or keyboard? Sometimes there’s just nothing like a pen for taking notes, filling in forms, drawing, or making edits to a document. With more of us thinking twice before wasting printer paper, being able to write directly on a digital file is very handy for marking up and collaborating. (I see the little green “Please consider the environment before printing this email” signature a lot more often than a year ago, when mostly people like my friend at the solar energy company were using it…)
Phatware’s PenOffice 3.0 software lets you do this with advanced handwriting recognition and the ability to add handwritten notes and drawings to MS Office documents.
This new release (beta until Fall 2008) is compatible with Windows Vista and Office 2007, and works with any pointing input device such as tablet PC, touch screen monitor, online digital pen, interactive white board, and even a regular mouse.
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,