New External Hard Disk With Software-less Automatic Backup

clickfreeharddisk.gifI’ve just watched a short video clip about a new external hard drive (well one I had not heard of) from Storage Appliance Corporation, the external hard disk is marketed as “Clickfree“.
There’s many external hard disks on the market – in fact I have 3 on my desk right now. All plug into a USB port and become a drive letter on your computer. These are useful for adding additional hard disk space to a notebook or desktop computer, moving large files from one place to another or simply as a backup storage device.
This new Clickfree hard disk – requires no software installation. It automatically finds your data and easily backs it up to the Clickfree hard disk. I hope there is some manual way to not-select certain data or add data that it might not have found.
The current model comes with 120 GB for $130, a new version is coming with 160 GB.
I’ve found Maxtor and Seagate make excellent hard disks as well, in a variety of models and types with some cool technology – like remotely accessing your data from the hard disk.