Skipping Terrestrial Data Lines for Satellite

satellite.jpgHaving DSL or T1 lines is pretty standard for many businesses. However, keep in mind that there are many businesses, especially in the heart land of America that still do not have high-speed telephone lines. Without satellite based Internet service from Hughes, these businesses would not be online.
Not only is satellite great for those who otherwise would not have Internet access or as a backup data or voice transport service for those who have traditional Internet service but it can also be a very reliable and highly secure method of communication for office to office communication.
Maybe you have one office in Nebraska and another office in New York. You could communicate with them via traditional land lines, but with a HughesNet Private Network, businesses can enable branch-to-branch communications, directly connecting each of their locations via satellite. This simple and secure connectivity eliminates the need for an expensive central hub or network operations infrastructure, as well as landline connections.

HughesNet Private Networks also provides SMBs with bandwidth-on-demand for support of bandwidth-intensive applications, such as high-quality video conferencing. SMBs can enjoy significant cost savings over dedicated circuits by using bandwidth when and where it is needed, paying either a low-cost monthly fee or on a usage basis.
”With HughesNet private networks, SMBs no longer need assume that enterprise-grade solutions are too complex,” said Sam Baumel, Hughes assistant vice president. “In fact, the solution is very simple and easy-to-deploy. It is in use by consumers every day; from paying for gas at the pump, renting a video from the local video store, to using a bank card at a fast-food restaurant, HughesNet and satellite technology is relied upon by business owners daily.”
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