Social Media Marketing: When Email Is Not Enough

It is really, really important to constantly evaluate your email marketing initiatives. While email marketing is excellent and still probably one of the best ways to market, discuss with your your customers how they prefer to receive information. Maybe instead of, or in addition to email, they want to use Facebook, Twitter or other means.
I’m sure it won’t be most (yet) of your customers who want to use social media, however, periodically get a feel for your customer’s communication preferences in order to know if their preferences change.
A report from Jupiter Research finds that 22% of e-mail users said they use social networking sites instead of e-mail for communications.
Email marketing is relatively easy to do thanks to services from Constant Contact, Vertical Response, Cooler Email and IContact. You still of course have to ensure your subject line is well thought out, that your copy is well written and a few more things.
Marketing via social media can be more of a challenge as there are several options and outlets for social media, there’s not one simple way to reach a variety of social media platforms.

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