Using Multimedia with Your Intranet

Thumbnail image for video-camera2.jpg[Ramon Ray, Editor & Technology Evangelist, writes for] We all know that video, audio, and multimedia can be powerful tools for building your Web site, making it more informative, and maybe even entertaining your visitors. But what about your intranet? Could the Web site that is only accessible to your employees be more engaging with a splash of audio or video?
Implementing some multimedia tools in a smart way can go far in ensuring your intranet is an important part of your internal corporate communication vehicle.
Video is an easy first step to liven up an otherwise boring intranet. With video you can convey concepts that plain text might not be able to communicate as well. Training messages, corporate policies, and other important information can all be supplemented through video. You might wish to use your own video server to manage the videos and distribute them to your employees or you could opt to use an online video-sharing service and password-protect it so only authorized users can access the video.

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