Virtual Meetings. You’ve Never Used A Web Cam Yet?

Virtual meetings cut down on travel time (you can have more face to face meetings in less time) and of course reduce on travel expenses.
US News has a story about virtual meetings here. I know many of you already know this, but for those few that don’t, I hope it helps wet your appetite to explore video conferencing the next time you need to schedule a meeting.
US News writes Here are two main factors to weigh when picking conferencing software.
First, the quality of a product’s customer support is key. Try to gauge it yourself by asking for references of other users and then thoroughly checking them. Of course, the vendor will probably point you only toward references who like its products. Ask pointed questions to get around that bias, and “ferret out where the weaknesses are and whether those things are important to your installation,” says Donna Garfield of the Telework Consortium, a consulting group.

Many newer notebook computers from Dell and HP have video cameras built into the notebook lids so you can more easily connect via video conference.