When Communication Is A Must: Bring Your Own Cellular Gear

sx7.jpgThose of us comfortably walking and working in a major city expect a cellular signal just about every where. Starbucks, taxi cab, hotel and the corner store. However, smaller business at construction sites, remote areas of the country or in places where the power has been knocked out are used to not having access to cellular networks. For businesses in these scenarios they must still be able to communicate without relying on their traditional devices.
Telular makes a range of “wireless extension” products that enable your business to connect via fax, Internet or traditional land line but over a 3 G wireless network.
We asked Telular some questions about its Wi-PATH SX7 Series (costs about $700) which is sold through wireless carriers and resellers.
Does the fixed cellular terminal only work with whatever cellular company you’ve got a contract with, like a regular cell phone?
Yes, just like with a cell phone both 911 and roaming is available. The SX7 will roam onto an available cell network.

Is the terminal movable to any location, for example if I went on vacation and took my mobile office with me?
Yes the SX7 is movable/portable, backed with battery power, you can take the box with you. Described best as an “office in a box”, the portability allows you to stay connected to your office, no matter where business takes you.
For example, it can be used for temporary communications connectivity at construction sites. These temporary sites are often in remote locations with limited cellular service. The SX7 allows you to leapfrog over costly and time-consuming installations while also utilized to extremely sensitive antennas which will pick up cell service where it is traditionally not available.
Another example is within the public safety scenario, where stable and reliable communication connectivity is critical for mobile offices during an emergency. The 3G box can be set in an ambulance or other security vehicle, allowing for the transmission of voice and data over the cell network.
Does the device need any special antenna to get a cell signal in areas where you don’t normally get good/any reception (like inside my house)?
The SX7 series has an extremely powerful and sensitive antenna that out performs any mobile device currently on the market. These antenna allow the unit to connect to networks in areas a typical mobile device cannot, extending connectivity to the farthest fringes of the network and into rural areas.
What are the main reasons a small business would be concerned about being able to transmit information over digital networks? What will that enable them to do with their phones and fax machines that they can’t do now with their older analog machines?
Cost: As larger companies jump on the digital bandwagon, it will be imperative smaller businesses do the same. However, these digital upgrades can be a costly expenditure. Telular offers a cost efficient means to obtaining digital information without the dollars associated with today’s digital technology.
Power Outage/Back-up: The terminal serves as a backup, enabling seamless business continuity.