Keep an Eye on Business With Remote Surveillance

When we think of “technology”, video surveillance is not usually the first thing that comes to mind. However, if you have valuables (and that includes employees) in your retail business or office, you might want an extra set of eyes on things.
Lorex has launched a new All-in-One Professional Surveillance Recording System with some cool extra features.
Realizing that small business owners often wear different hats, this security solution does the same. Besides providing remote monitoring, recording and playback, the system’s 20”, multifunctional LCD monitor can be used to:

  • Save valuable desk or counter space by doubling as a PC monitor
  • Play DVDs and other video as a customer-facing entertainment display
  • Advertise menu items, product features and promotions or display photos as a digital picture frame

These features can be utilized while simultaneously monitoring and recording live surveillance thanks to advanced picture-in-picture functionality.
The system is meant to be robust and reliable enough for commercial use, yet simple enough for business owners to instal. themselves. It includes four weatherproof day/night cameras, a widescreen 20″ LCD monitor, and a built-in high capacity DVR, and is carried at Costco and other Lorex dealers.
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor,