Who’s Visiting Your Website Right Now?

Website traffic analysis is basic and important – we want to how many users are visiting our sites, and when, and what they are doing once they get there. Google Analytics is one of the most well-known tools, and there are many others that track basic statistics.
But imagine that your website is a traditional retail store, and then imagine knowing that people are buying, but not knowing anything else about them. How would you serve them better? Connect and build a relationship with them? Get them to buy more stuff?
woopralogo.gifWoopra, a new free web analytics tool, provides live tracking of website visitors and even lets you contact them via chat as soon as you see them there.
Additional features, according to a Woopra spokesperson:

  • Live Tracking and Web Statistics – over 40 different statistical events and analytics
  • Rich User Interface – no delays in the response time as comes with Web-based programs
  • Manage Multiple Blogs and Web sites – creates a one-stop service for monitoring all your blogs and Web sites
  • Deep Analytic and Search Capabilities – search functionality along any data point in the system (specific user names, IP addresses, geographic locations, etc.) to find specific information about their site’s visitors, learning more about your site’s demographics and loyal readers
  • Click-to-Chat – enables Web sites with both “proactive” and “reactive” chat functionality, ultimately breaking the virtual wall between visitor and Webmaster.
  • Real Time Notifications – offers “on-demand” Custom Notifications with visual and auditory cues when pre-defined actions take place. Specific client visits, special events (sales or ad clicks), and other important actions become instantly actionable.