Your Size Does Not Matter: Security Reality Check

In, July McAfee released the results of a survey which showed that many of small businesses owners think that because they’re small businesses, hackers don’t want to attack their computer systems. They think, “hey, we only have 1 server” or “we only have 30 computers, we’re not big enough for hackers to be interested in”. Baloney.
According to the report, for example, a bot herder—a hacker who installs malicious software on computers through the Internet without the owners’ knowledge—all they need is a computer that can be abused for click fraud2, sending spam etc. They have no concern about who the computer belongs to.
In comparison to larger organizations, attacks can be even more catastrophic as SMBs often don’t have the resources or funds to build contingency plans. If a resource goes down, a business often goes down with it. North America’s SMBs are leaving themselves open to attack due to time constraints.

I highly encourage you to download and read the full report here