Affordable Smartphone + Computer Synchronization

palm700wx.jpgIf you’ve purchased a BlackBerry, iPhone, Smartphone or any other mobile device and are not using it for synchronizing your email, calendar and task list to your desktop computer you’re missing out. Of course your corporate cousins have expensive Microsoft Exchange servers (for the most part) and they have their email provided by the “guys in IT”. You don’t have “guys in IT” and so probably get buy with downloading email but no synchronizing it to your desktop computer.
Wireless Sync Technology, LLC’s, Visenza claims to make it easy and economical to have synchronized email starting at $25 per month. In a few steps your mobile device can be perfectly synchronized to your desktop computer.
Being able to access your office communication tools just as if you were at your desktop is important. At the first Taste of Technology Small Business Series in June we spoke about how important mobile technology is – especially for smaller businesses.
Having the right hardware (your smartphone) is only one third of the mobile solution. Having the right wireless provider is another third of the solution. You then need to have the right software (being able to edit and view Word documents or access your QuickBooks for example). If after a long day out of the office your desktop computer is not in sync with the hours of emails you’ve taken care of – you’re wasting precious time.