Ask Not What You Can Do With Your Computer. But What Your Computer Can Do For You

Driving a car can be a pretty boring experience. You turn it on and drive. However, many of the car advertisements we see make driving an experience, heightened by the type of car you have. I think, at times, having a computer should be the same. The computing experience can be quite boring at times, but depending on the TYPE of computer you are using and the features built into it, your experience can be more productive.

Just look at the Microsoft PC advertisements to see what I mean

For example, HP’s new dc7900 desktop computer comes with a special security browser – the HP Firefox Virtual Browser. Customers can surf the Internet and know that if they are attacked by malicious software, it only takes one click to undo the attack. This virtualized run-time environment corrals malicious content from a user’s Internet interactions and removes unwanted programs with a single click, potentially limiting the need to conduct a scan, repair and reinstall of applications and security settings.
This technology is not new, but it is one of the first times I know of that a PC vendor is including specialized software on its computers, such as a custom web browser. Check out WSJ’s GreenBorder review here.
The dc7900 also has advanced power management software. If you have one computer, power management might not be that important, but for those of you with 20, 50 and more computers saving power bring you quite a bit of savings. You can read more about these features here. HP’s tool helps you measure your energy savings as well.

Because dollars often speak louder than words, the HP Power Manager gives you more than just power settings and options. If you don’t know what sort of impact they’re going to have, it’s hard to know if you’re achieving your reduction goals.
The HP Power Manager includes tabs that quantify your PC power savings into energy savings in kilowatt hours (kWh). By customizing real energy costs in your area, you can also get an estimate of how these power savings translate into real dollars.

The HP Compaq dc7900 Business Desktop PC is expected to be available worldwide later this month at a starting U.S. list price of $599. More information about HP’s desktop offerings is available at
Each dc7900 has a range of HP protection tools and support options with HP total care.