Avoiding Shared Email Confusion & Boosting Productivity

In many offices, emailing info@mybusiness.com or sales@mybusiness.com goes to one email box and that person who receives the email forwards it to the appropriate person for a response.
Having one person respond to a growing box of email messages can not only be tiresome for that person but also unproductive. Emails might get lost, you’re not able to easily ensure emails are responded to and responded to in the right manner.
Smallbiztechnology.com has been using Palo Alto Software’s Email Center Pro and has found it to be a HUGE productivity booster. It’s now in version 2.0 and new features include: tracking email performance, including customer email response statistics, activity trackers, and advanced search tools.
You’ll find Email Center Pro’s tagging feature quite convenient, as you can tag each email (or just some) to easily find it in the future.
Other features of the product include:

  • Automatic email routing to make sure inbound emails end up in the right hands. You can easily assign emails to specific users for followup.
  • Email templates for consistent and accurate responses to customer emails.
  • 360-degree view of customer communications by seeing all emails in one place. Includes Gmail-like conversation threading.
  • Internal notes to email conversations to share customer information with other users.
  • Tracking tools to prevent messages from getting lost and ensures that customers don’t have to wait for replies.
  • Easily import email from your existing email accounts like sales@ or info@, including support for Yahoo! Mail and Gmail.

One thought on “Avoiding Shared Email Confusion & Boosting Productivity

  1. jason g

    Part of the allure of Email Center Pro is its simplicity — both in set up and in use.
    For all of the feature-rich benefits associated with the service, one of its primary value adds is that you can move from sign up to sending an email in 5 minutes.
    In other words, you can begin operating more efficiently and more productively in about the time it takes to get through a commercial break during a football game.
    Who thought centralizing your email could be so easy?

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