Buying Technology for the Bundled Freebies

Thumbnail image for coupon2.gifMy wife tells me that if you want to save money while grocery shopping, shop based on coupons. Shopping with coupons saves you money with each item you buy.
I was reading about the partnership between EMC and Lenovo to provide an unlimited online data backup service all new Lenovo ThinkPad SL series notebooks and was thinking, should businesses start buying their hardware and other technology based on some of the free or low cost deals that one can often find bundled with them?
For example, recently I went to Pathmark and bought 48 bottles of Vitamin Water. I used a coupon and was able to get .50 cents off of each bottle, saving quite a bit of money. Is that smart or what?
I know that buying a box of Palo Alto Software’s Business Plan Pro would garner you quite a bit of free things, including a book from Guy Kawasaki.
Shopping for technology is definitely NOT like buying grocery from a local store, however, if one desktop product comes with $500 worth of real good productivity software and tools and another desktop comes with nothing and both are relatively equal..the choice gets a bit easier.
On the other hand, last year Dell launched its Vostro line of computers and removed all the the freeware software that it said its customers told it they didn’t want.