Christmas & Thanksgiving: It’s Not Too Early To Prepare

calendar.JPGThanksgiving is 3 short months away, Christmas is one month later. Are you ready? For most retailers, these holidays are big opportunities to reap in more sales in a few months than they make in an entire year.
Whether your business is online, off-line or a mixture of the two, you need to prepare your business for this upsurge in sales – NOW. Of course before you get these sales, you need to ensure your marketing (to current and new customers) is optimal or you won’t get an upsurge of customers.
Email marketing company, Campaigner is releasing 100 tips a day, starting September 2, to prepare your business for the holiday season. Check our their blog for all the tips.
Tip 99 is Define Your Value Proposition
Map out the programs that will meet the objectives you defined in Post 100. How will your campaigns stand out and what value will they provide to your subscribers? The best programs combine aspects of promotional, informational, and operational communications. This allows you to promote longevity and strong relationships while still encouraging immediate sales.
Promotional: aimed toward the immediate or upcoming sale (free shipping or discount offers)
Informational: focused on the relationship and longevity (timed news alerts)
Operational: transaction related messaging meant to confirm or follow up (welcome and thank you emails)
Each campaign type should follow a basic template of your choosing to keep brand consistency and to ensure your message is easily read. Stay tuned for the next three posts which will describe basic elements of promotional, informational, and operational campaigns.