Constant Contact Raises the Bar. Emails As Web Sites.

I’ve been asking Vertical Response and Constant Contact for some time, why they do not have a feature, like Feedblitz does, that converts RSS feeds into an email newsletter.
This is a huge time saver for those who blog and have an email newsletter. However, Constant Contact has launched a neat, new feature that enables their customers to archive their emails and enable them to be easily seen online as web pages.
I still think Constant Contact needs to have an RSS to email feature, but this email archive feature is a pretty good start. Now we just need more small businesses to use email marketing. With all the emails I get you’d think more businesses would use email. However, consider that Constant Contact has 150,000 or more customers, that means probably not more than 500,000 businesses have an email newsletter.
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One thought on “Constant Contact Raises the Bar. Emails As Web Sites.

  1. Spoiled Society

    I agree. Constant Contact should support RSS feed and that would complete their package and make them a stronger competitor of other marketing campaign websites such as Vertical Response, icontact or aweber.

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