Getting More Out of Your Operating System

windowsvista.gifI’ve been using computers from the days of DOS, when it was fast and never crashed.
To see a directory listing you would not have to double click on “my computer” you just typed “dir” at the command prompt. It was fast and easy. Thanks to Mac and Windows we now use mice and a graphical interfaces – looks nice but sometimes I do wish for that simple command prompt.
Even back in the “old days” there were little tricks you could do to get the most out of your operating system.
There’s a lot more tricks in today’s operating systems. Unless you’ve been in prison and have not had access to any sort of commercial communication you’ll know that Microsoft is getting the word out about Windows Vista. I’m still using Windows XP for some things but have Windows Vista on 2 computers at home. It works pretty well and works much better when you get used to it and learn some of its hidden features.
Get more information on Vista here and here’s a few tips to make you more productive.

(click the link to see some videos on these tools)
Instant Search – Forgot where you saved that file? With Instant Search, small businesses can easily find what they need in seconds.
Previous Versions (Shadow Copy) – Closed out of your document too fast and forgot to “save as”? Shadow Copy automatically saves your most recent version.
Live Icons – Trying to browse through files fast? See their contents and thumbnails without having to open the documents.
Snipping Tool – Need to send a snapshot of a document or image fast? Crop contents of photos and email them in a few easy steps.
Windows Photo Gallery – Want an easy way to manage your photos and graphics? Windows Photo Gallery is a one stop shop to view, manage and refine images and movies.