How Shoprite’s Circulars Generate Customer Loyalty

shoprite.jpgIt’s 1:00am and my wife, the poster child for being apprehensive of technology, is extolling the praises of’s online weekly sales circular.
What she likes is that, unlike other grocery stores, their circular is customized to the particular Shoprite store one is shopping at. Having an online circular is great, but having one circular and having some things not sold in certain stores and some things sold in other stores is a frustrating experience.
You know what else is neat? The circular arranges the items by aisle so that she can shop faster.
Sure, I’ve told you all about Shoprite’s online circular but YOU CAN DO THE SAME FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS. Make things easy. Know who they are. Listen to their needs.
If you want customers to LOVE your company, like they love Apple’s iPod and other great companies, ensure you leverage technology as a tool to please your customers.