Intuit’s Dance With Hosted Applications: QuickBooks Enterprise

For companies outgrowing QuickBooks Pro of Premier Intuit’s QuickBooks Enterprise often fits the bill. This software is designed for growing companies. According to Intuit’s web site, With the capacity to add hundreds of thousands of products, customers or vendors and the capacity to add up to 20 simultaneous users, Enterprise Solutions delivers the power and scalability to keep up with the demands of your growing business.
This new version, 9.0, announced at Intuit’s third annual QuickBooks Enterprise User Conference will contain new features and the most exciting are the inclusion of hosted applications which will add new functionality to the software.
Traditionally when you wanted additional software with QuickBook Enterprise you would download an add-on and install it on a local computer or server. With Intuit’s introduction of hosted applications, there’s nothing to download but the software is instantly available via the Internet.
Expect to see much more of Intuit’s applications connected to the Internet as part of Intuit’s “connected” strategy.
The hosted software includes:

Intuit Field Service Management ES: an application powered by Corrigo to enable service businesses to more efficiently manage and schedule service calls and appointments for their mobile workforce.
Intuit Warehouse Management ES: a system powered by AccuCode to help product-based businesses get more from their inventory by tracking the items they have, where they are housed among multiple warehouse locations and how to get them to their customers.
Intuit Sales Management ES: to be released in beta, this tool helps maximize sales pipelines by helping salespeople focus on their highest return activities. Sales Management ES will make it easier for sales teams to capture, access and share critical information, get a full view of their current and future opportunities, and focus on the ones that will maximize sales.