Jawbone’s wireless earpiece. It works very well.

At a recent press event I received Jawbone’s wireless earpiece to review. I’ve gone through several ear pieces and have been sorely dissatisfied with all of them.
They failed in the following areas: The sound dropped. They were uncomfortable. They fell out of my ear. I could not hear people clearly. I don’t think I need to go on.
I tested Jawbon’s Bluetooth wireless headset and it works quite well. I haven’t fully tested it, like the commercials show (with a lawnmower in the background) but the times I have tested it, I often have noise in the background and it works quite well. It’s pleasantly comfortable and can be left in one’s ear all day.
Jawbone uses a noise canceling technology to ensure the VOICE is heard and the background noise is minimized.
Check out the video here. I could write some 500 word long post. But it’s not necessary. You know what wireless cell phone ear pieces are. You know how crappy many are. Give Jawbone a try. You’ll love it.