Lead Generation from Your Website: A Twist on Purchased Lists

Buying sales leads can become an expensive proposition for a small business, especially if the purchased lists aren’t targeted enough to reach the company’s ideal customers. In addition to the actual cost of the list, there’s the time and cost of the resources wasted on unqualified leads.
Lead generation company Demandbase offers small businesses a different approach to buying leads. They describe it as a flexible “iTunes like approach” to lead generation, with no minimum purchases, subscriptions, or duplicates. Their database of leads combines information from several major information providers including Dunn & Bradstreet, Hoovers, and others along with other website information like social networks, and assigns each contact a custom “score” based on your specific target criteria. The result is a highly targeted list specific to your needs.
Along with this service, Demandbase offers a browser-less widget called Demandbase Stream, which runs like a ticker on your desktop and allows you to see which businesses are visiting your website, what their search string was to get there, and contact information – all in real time.

Demandbase Stream is the first browser-less Web application that enables sales and marketing people to find out which businesses are visiting their Web site, their interests, and the right people to target — all in real-time. By downloading the free software at www.demandbase.com and connecting it with Demandbase Direct, anyone can turn passive Web visits into actionable sales leads in a matter of seconds. From a ticker that dynamically streams across the desktop, users can view business traffic information, company details, and get recommended contacts that are unique to the product or service being sold. Users can also set preferences to filter traffic from outside a sales territory or from Internet Service Providers (ISP’s).
Once a user clicks on the link to connect with Direct, he or she can choose to cross reference that company with any contacts within an existing social network, or in the company’s CRM system before purchasing a desired contact.
For sales people, Stream is a tool to discover target companies with an active interest in their products or services, or to act upon an inbound visit that comes from an existing sales opportunity. Marketing departments can use the ticker to monitor the performance of campaigns to individual landing pages or automatically forward contacts to specific sales people, the CRM or marketing automation system.

This service reminded us a bit of SalesGenius, which tracks a visitor’s path through your website once they click through from an email. (More on SalesGenius here.)
Laura Leites, Assistant Editor, Smallbiztechnology.com