Locking Your Server’s Hard Disk Today Prevents Security Breaches Tomorrow

enteringpassword.jpgWhile many businesses spend much of their time protecting their computers from hackers, phishing, viruses and other malicious attacks thinking about securing the servers hard disk is not thought of enough.
For notebook and desktop computers there are a range of software tools you can purchase to secure your hard disk and files. Many computers have built in software that works with the operating system for enhance security as well.
Recently IBM released a hardware encryption option for its IBM System x models x3650, x3400 and x3500. Why hardware. Software encryption puts a load on the server, according to a video I saw about it.
All hard drives are eventually disposed of when servers reach end of life, but it’s virtually impossible to erase all data from the drive so it’s irretrievable. The IBM VAULT adapter locks the data so it can’t be unencrypted without the proper key, eliminating the need to dispose of a hard drive and the associated costs. Even if a physical drive or the entire server is stolen, data is protected.
Read more about IBM’s server hard disk security system here.