Making Your iPhone More Than A Toy

Like just about every other person on earth (it seems) Apple’s iPhone has taken the world by storm. I’ve been thinking that the iPhone was pretty much a “toy” but I’m wrong.
Chat started out as a toy – didn’t it? We used it to chat with friends and others. Then what happened? We started using chat not only at home but also in our offices. Today, it’s a standard tool for business and personal use.
The iPhone is quickly having the same trajectory. It’s been marketed by Apple as something for consumers, like the Macintosh to large part. But now these ‘consumers’ are using their Macs and iPhones for home and business. Just like chat software.
Apple has created an online store for developers to showcase applications, specific to the iPhone, for iPhone users to download.
If you have an iPhone, or are thinking of getting one, know for sure that your favorite software and more will be iPhone compatible soon, if it’s not now.
For example, those of you who use QuickBooks Online, it’s also available for the iPhone (and the BlackBerry). Check it out here.