Online Video: Your Prospects are Watching

Online video continues to grow in popularity and importance for business use. Text and audio remain online communication staples, but for some products and messages seeing it “live” is most effective.
From product reviews [like David Strom’s new] to commercials, more companies are relying on video. It’s no longer unusual for businesses of all sizes to use sites like to reach the huge audience that prefers to receive their information in video format. Whether it’s created yourself on a Flip video camera or by a high end production company, making a video and distributing it online is not hard to do.
For those who are looking for a more comprehensive solution than Youtube, there are services like WebEx and Brighttalk that let you create webcasts using slides, audio and video. You can show pre-recorded segments or stream live events to audiences of almost any size.
WebEx is more well-known and geared a little more toward events and meetings, with more collaboration features. Brighttalk lets users create channels (similar to Youtube) that are hosted on and can also be embedded in users’ websites, so you can have live video and archives right on your site.
Both offer live webcasting and recording options.