Paper Management: Going Green, Boosting Productivity, Saving Time

scanstationplus.jpgDesktop scanning enhances the way your business day flows. While some technologies like CRM are first and foremost sales and marketing tools and directly touch the customer. Desktop scanning is more of a tool for YOUR personal productivity and that of your corporate workgroup or business.
In March I introduced you to Kodak’s ScanMate i1120 desktop scanner. This device is made for desktops and ideal for the desk of every knowledge worker.
Last week Kodak introduced the Scan Station 100 Plus, which replaces its Scan Station 100. The Scan Station line of scanners are bigger than the ScanMate. It has a built in LCD screen enabling more interaction with the scanner from the scanner itself.
At a list price of US$2,995 the ScanPlus 100 is more than “just a scanner”, but a powerful tool to turn paper into information.

Not only can you scan documents to the printer, email or to your network, you can also scan documents directly to a USB key.
The Scan Station plus is not just a scanner, but is also a full fledged fax machine. Using its $120 modem for scanning, that’s one more device you can get rid of – sending incoming faxes to a network printer or a folder on the network (talk about a PAPER LESS OFFICE).
While security features might not be foremost on your mind, for many businesses they are. The Scan Station has security features, such as secure login, to address these needs. In a networked environment it’s important that all users of network devices login to ensure a secure communications environment. Another security feature is that you can send documents, via email, by PDF which can only be opened via a password. The Scan Station will send another email to the receiver with the password.
Consider your current scanning, document management and faxing needs. The Scan Station Plus could offer you a more secure, better integrated and more productive solution.