Reaching Local Customers Through Local Online Marketing

When customers are looking to buy something, right now. Or when they are just browsing for information – one of the items that catches their eye on the search engines is the cost per click (paid) advertising on the sides of the search engine results. Online advertising is great for broad based advertising but it’s even more powerful when combined with local advertising. That person looking for a wood rocking chair in Des Moines, Iowa. Or that person looking for dyed leather computer cases in Seattle, Washington.
Placing these advertisement is not difficult. You just bid for the cost of the key word(s) and then place the advertisements. However to place quality advertisements that result in paying customers takes a bit more skill. There are several services that specialize not only in placing advertisements but that also help you reach local customers.
One of those services is Boomdas’s Reach and Go.
Doug Neal, COO of Boomdash explained components of the service as follows:
Customers pay a monthly service fee and a cost per click. The monthly service fee covers the costs of multiple online ad campaign management and interactive marketing features such as call tracking and mobile phone coupons. The cost per click comes out of a monthly ad budget the SMB specifies which is allocated evenly across each month.
There is a Basic and Premium pricing structure. The Basic subscription fee is less as it does not provide any interactive marketing features such as mobile coupons. The key is that our service fee includes 3 simultaneous ad campaigns for each advertiser so that they get the best exposure.

The mobile coupon offer is very important as it provides a convenient and fun mechanism to get customers “through the door” of local businesses. The advertiser has multiple opportunities to display a mobile coupon “SMS short code” which can be retrieved from a person via SMS texting or by clicking on our dynamic landing page for that SMB that we’ve promoted with Google through paid advertising. For example, they can put the SMS short code for their mobile coupon in their Yellow Page print ad for next year’s book, in the newspaper or have it read aloud at a sporting event. Consumers simply have to text their ID to ICLIP (our mobile sms short code) and their coupon is sent directly to their phone.
Boomdash Reach & Go is priced at $65.00 / month for Basic and $115.00 / month for Premium. The premium edition includes the interactive marketing features, call tracking numbers and mobile coupon features. Additionally, the customer must select a monthly Internet Advertising budget which varies significantly based on geographic region and business category.
If you’re looking for an innovative way to selling online, including mobile coupons, Boomdash’s solution could be what works best for you.